Our Utah White Collar Lawyers Defend Individuals and Businesses Facing Federal and State Court charges

Utah White Collar Criminal Lawyers

We Provide a Vigorous Representation and Defense of Our Clients in White Collar Cases

Our Utah white-collar criminal defense lawyers provide a vigorous defense of individuals and companies who face criminal proceedings in federal and state courts. We know what is at stake.

We often work proactively with prosecutorial and investigative agencies to prevent criminal charges from being filed against our clients in the first place – shielding them from significant damages to their bottom lines and reputations.

When charges are filed, we are well-prepared to provide a knowledgeable and vigorous courtroom defense. When the freedom of our clients is at stake, we are tenacious in challenging the prosecution, their theories of the case, and their evidence at every point in seeking a successful outcome for our clients. We provide representation for clients charged with crimes throughout Utah, and in several other states.

What are “White Collar” Crimes?

White collar crimes refer to a class of financial crimes committed by professionals, business people, and public officials that involve theft, fraud, money laundering, stock manipulation, and similar matters. Most involve some form of theft by fraudulent representation for obtaining money under misleading circumstances. These cases are notoriously complex. When determining whether a crime was committed, it is always best to be represented by highly qualified criminal defense lawyers.

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