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SCM’s Sam Alba joins UCLI as Fiduciary Board Member

By: Samuel Alba

UCLI’s mission is to realize the values that comprise the foundation of our American legal system – fairness, representation, access to justice, and equality before the law, among others – it is imperative that the legal profession be reflective of the communities it sets out to serve. 

Appreciating Differences Through Personal Connection

By: Keith A. Call

Ruth Bader Ginsberg left a legacy far greater than just her judicial opinions. In an age of ideological polarization and high levels of social contention, she somehow mastered the art of vigorously promoting her views while, at the same time, reaching across ideological divides to make personal, meaningful connections, never losing sight that another person’s views do not make him or her a bad person.

Protecting Customers and Employees from COVID-19

By: Nathan R. Skeen

The pandemic has exposed a significant deficiency in most companies’ customer and employee safety/protection plans, and transportation companies are certainly no exception. This article is intended to define a transportation company’s general duties to its employees and customers as they relate to COVID-19 exposure.