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Recent Utah Appellate Decisions July 2019

Case summaries are authored by members of Snow Christensen & Martineau’s Appellate Practice Group.  For more information, visit our Appellate Highlights page.    Utah Supreme Court Keystone Insurance Agency, LLC v. Inside Insurance, LLC 2019 UT 20 (May 29, 2019) In…

Utah Supreme Court Strikes Down State Medical Malpractice Law

The Utah Supreme Court ruled a state law requiring medical malpractice plaintiffs to obtain a “certificate of compliance” from a state agency is unconstitutional. A suit that accused a hospital of negligently causing a patient’s death was reinstated. The hospital…

If You Prosecute Criminal Misdemeanors, You Must Read This

By: Keith A. Call

Contact: Keith A. Call   Originally appeared in the Utah State Bar Journal, July/Aug 2019.   The American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility (the Committee) recently took aim at a problem it perceives among prosecutors of misdemeanor crimes. The…

Gardner v. Gardner, 2019 UT 28 (June 27, 2019)

The district court reduced the amount of alimony awarded to the wife based on wife’s “fault” that “substantially contributed” to the demise of the marriage.  The Utah Supreme Court interpreted the statutory requirement that the fault “substantially contributed to the…