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SC&M turns a defense case into a judgment of more than $340,000 for its clients

A trial team led by Robert B. Cummings, with primary assistance from Brenda Weinberg and Whitney Warnick, recently obtained a judgment of more than $340,000 in favor of the firm’s client. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against SC&M’s client alleging breaches of fiduciary duties and related claims stemming from what the plaintiff believed was an unlawful theft of customers. Mr. Cummings successfully defended the client against a preliminary injunction and assisted the client with filing a claim for dissolution of the plaintiff corporation. The plaintiff elected to purchase company shares but claimed the plaintiff corporation was worth nothing. That led to a trial to determine the value of SC&M’s clients’ shares in the plaintiff corporation, which resulted in the court determining the company was worth 7-figures – well over the plaintiff’s claimed negative valuation.