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Snow Christensen & Martineau Attorney Bar Admissions

National Strength – Local Integrity

SCM has been in the business of providing exceptional legal services to its clients for 0ver 136 years.  We know what it takes, with experienced and specialized lawyers practicing in many areas of law.  We are remarkable, but through our dedication to and work with our clients, we become a part of something even more remarkable.

Each attorney at Snow Christensen & Martineau is licensed to practice law in the State of Utah.  Additionally, our attorneys are licensed in various courts, districts, and states across the country.  We are a Utah-based firm that provides our clients not only with local service but national expertise.

Steven W. Beckstrom
Keith A. CallSnow Christensen & Martineau Attorney US Bar Admissions
Rodney R. Parker 
Dani N. Cepernich
Robert B. Cummings
Korey D. Rasmussen
District of Columbia
Ruth A. Shapiro
Scott C. Powers
Ruth A. Shapiro
Ruth A. Shapiro
Daniel D. Hill
Robert W. Thompson
Brenda E. Weinberg
New Hampshire
Ruth A. Shapiro
Steven W. Beckstrom
Nathan A. Crane
Scott C. Powers
South Dakota
Daniel D. Hill
Daniel D. Hill
All SCM Attorneys
P. Matthew Cox
Ruth A. Shapiro
Nathan R. Skeen
Scott Young