The First Amendment in the Pandemic and Protest Era

Contact: Heather S. White or Scott Young

Today, SCM lawyers Heather White and Scott Young discussed “The First Amendment in the Pandemic and Protest Era” with members of the Utah Local Governments Trust. Recent developments involving the coronavirus pandemic, nationwide protests over racial injustice, and a contentious presidential campaign, make understanding our First Amendment-guaranteed freedoms of press, speech, assembly, religion, and petition, of great importance.

Some topics covered include;

  • Freedom to Assemble and Petition the Government
  • History of Protest Law under the First Amendment
  • Time, Place and Manner
  • Rights of Protestors
  • Permits, Protest Zones, Ending a Protest
  • Freedom of Press in Covering Protests
  • Right to Photograph or Record
  • Considerations with Municipalities Charged with Allowing Protests and Maintaining Peace and Order
  • Social Media, Mass Media
  • Public Safety, Officer Safety, Protestor Safety
  • Best Practices

These unique times have posed unique risk for many of our First Amendment freedoms. Should you have questions about this or need legal assistance please reach out to Heather or Scott directly.