Snow Women hosts an afternoon event with Utah House Representative Stephanie Pitcher

The Firm’s Snow Women hosted an afternoon event in its Salt Lake City Office on Thursday, June 6, titled “A Conversation with Utah House Representative Stephanie Pitcher.”

The event centered around HB 441, the Tax Equalization and Reduction Act. The discussion covered a number of topics including updating and balancing Utah’s tax policy, tax issues in a service economy, fairness and flexibility for business-to-business transactions, and the future of HB 441.  Representative Pitcher also answered questions from local business leaders regarding the effects of the legislation.

Snow Women would like to extend our thanks to Representative Pitcher for her time and efforts in educating us and our guests on the proposed changes!

Left to right: Attorney Erika Larsen (former); Representative Stephanie Pitcher; Attorneys Amanda Mendenhall (former), Rick Vazquez, and Margaret Vu(former).











Attorney Amanda Mendenhall introducing guest speaker Utah House Representative Stephanie Pitcher.


Snow Women was created as a group of women lawyers to combine their experiences and expertise to promote the success of women attorneys and better serve the clients of Snow Christensen & Martineau.

Specifically, Snow Women was created with five main goals in mind:

  • Recruit and retain top female attorneys in the state;
  • Meet the diverse needs of clients;
  • Facilitate open discussion and resolution of women’s issues within our firm;
  • Foster an environment where women attorneys can thrive and mentor the next generation of women leaders; and
  • Promote and support women professionals and stakeholders in our local and state-wide communities.

The attorneys of Snow Women are committed to the Communities they serve and participate in a number of local and state-wide organizations, such as Women of Water; Utah Association of Realtors; Utah Women Unite; Utah Minority Bar Association; Utah Association for Justice; Volunteers of America Homeless Youth Resource Center; and the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center.