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The Harmonie Group
The Harmonie Group

The Harmonie Group is an international network of defense firms with contacts throughout North America and Europe. For more info visit The Harmonie Group, or contact SCM Attorney Andrew M. Morse

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Law Firm Alliance

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Snow Trial Services

Providing mock trials, juror focus groups, trial case evaluations and other trial consultation services.


SnowTrial Consulting

Primary Practice Contact: Andrew M. Morse

SnowTrial Consulting provides comprehensive trial preparation consulting services for civil and criminal cases nationwide.

What We Do

Mock Trials:  We conduct full mock trials that involve attorney presentations in front of a panel or jury of eligible individuals selected to match your jury pool.  Our mock trials include witness testimony.  Jurors reach a verdict, and provide feedback on argument persuasiveness, witness testimony, exhibits, presentations, and other aspects of the case.  This feedback and information is used to refine preparations for the actual trial.

Focus Groups:  Case facts and arguments are presented, by attorneys arguing for plaintiffs and defendants, to panels of surrogate jurors from the actual trial jurisdiction.  Themes and evidence are discussed in informal discussion groups.  Results from this process are then used to create theme development, witness selection and preparation, and case presentation.

Trial Strategy Consultation:  In preparing for trial, it is essential to develop a persuasive theme.  Determination of the best strategy and tactics depends on the judge, the jury temperament, the opposition and their experts, witnesses, and many other variables.  Our extensive experience trying cases on an ongoing basis, helps us pinpoint themes and evidence that will be most compelling.   

Witness Preparation: Being a witness is difficult and especially when testifying in a courtroom.  We help prepare witnesses to do their best in the most uneasy situations.  Effective coaching and preparation teaches witnesses the importance of body language, eye contact, appearance and attire, vocal articulation, reluctance or quarrelsomeness, evasiveness, emotion, conviction and consistency.  We help refine these skills, in order to make a witness more effective.

Jury Selection: It is critical to eliminate jury leaders that will hurt your case.  We help make effective use of for cause and peremptory challenges, secure improved jury selection conditions, and propose questions for the jury panel.

Who We Are

Samuel Alba:  Former federal magistrate judge with 20 years of experience on the bench who has tried or presided over more than 150 jury trials.

Andrew MorsePresident of the American Board of Trial Advocates, and has tried over 40 jury trials to verdict.  

Nathan Crane:  Former federal prosecutor who has tried over 25 jury trials to verdict.

Scott Young:  Former federal law clerk for the Honorable Dee Benson who has tried seven trials to verdict.

Nathanael Mitchell Former federal law clerk for the Honorable Robert Shelby who has observed multiple trials.

When you need trial consulting services in Utah or anywhere else in the nation

Our trial consulting service lawyers are ready to help.  For more information about the work SCM provides in this area, contact Andrew M. Morse, Samuel Alba, or any of our other team members: