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The Harmonie Group
The Harmonie Group

The Harmonie Group is an international network of defense firms with contacts throughout North America and Europe. For more info visit The Harmonie Group, or contact SCM Attorney Andrew M. Morse

Law Firm Alliance
Law Firm Alliance

Law Firm Alliance provides access to over 3,000 member firm lawyers' worldwide. For more info visit Law Firm Alliance, or contact SCM Attorney Bradley R. Blackham.


Snow Trial Services

Providing mock trials, juror focus groups, trial case evaluations and other trial consultation services.



Primary Practice Contact: Rodney R. Parker

Appellate lawyers representing clients in civil or criminal appeals in state or federal appeals courts

Appellate matters require an entirely different skill set than those needed for a standard trial.  We have a successful track record of representing clients in civil or criminal appeals in state or federal courts.  For a representative listing of our appellate work click here.

Appellate courts neither re-try cases nor hear new evidence.  They focus on questions of the law, and not on questions of facts like the trial courts.  Appellate lawyers argue issues before one judge or a group of judges who review the judgment to make sure proper procedures were followed and, based on the record created before the trial court, whether the law was accurately applied.  Appellate judges determine the outcome of all appeals. 

Our Utah appellate lawyers have extensive experience with a variety of appellate issues.  They are also established authors of the Appellate Highlights column, which appears bimonthly in the Utah Bar Journal.  Our skilled appellate lawyers are often asked to step in to assume the appeal of a case, that was handled by a different law firm at trial.

With our strong background in appellate practice, we also assist clients before and during initial trials by identifying potential appellate issues.  We then counsel clients on how to preserve these issues in case the trial court decision results in an appeal.

When you need a law firm with Utah state and federal appeals court experience

Our appellate lawyers are ready to help.  For more information about SCM's appellate services, please contact Rodney R. Parker.