SCM Law attorney Heather White interviewed by KSL on “Police Use of Force: KSL Investigates”

“Still, Heather White, the attorney who represented Pleasant Grove and its officers against the claim of excessive force Thayne filed in connection with the December 2017 traffic stop, said those threats changed how Thayne was approached by police when they later ran his license plate after reports of erratic driving…”Where he had threatened officers with a weapon and had been very emotional due to his son’s death,” White explained, noting that this prompted the first responding officer to request backup. “Which is standard procedure to do on a call where someone is known to be potentially violent and have weapons…”I think they used great restraint in this circumstance … It was not excessive,” White said…”I’m not saying that he’s lying about anything. It’s just very different perceptions,” she continued. “We’re just saying that his perception and what he’s claiming from that perception, is not accurate.”…Ultimately, the courts sided with police, and Thayne was charged with failing to stop for law enforcement.”

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Heather S. White