Victim Advocacy

Primary Practice Contacts: Richard Van Wagoner, Samuel Alba, and Nathan Crane

Victim Advocacy Lawyers – Helping and Representing THOSE HARMED BY Crime

A victim advocate is a person who assists victims throughout the criminal process, providing information, support, resources, and help with protective orders, submitting Victim Impact Statements and Restitution information.

We help guide victims through every stage of a case, and provide victim advocate services including:

  • Assisting with civil stalking injunctions.
  • Explaining the judicial system.
  • Providing specific information and resources for victims.
  • Advising on the current state of their case, confirm court dates and locations.
  • Answering questions regarding the pretrial, trial, sentencing, and appeal process.
  • Obtaining an Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment.
  • Drafting and submitting a Victim Impact Statement.
  • Obtaining awards of restitution for victims of fraud.

Have you Been the victim of a crime in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, or Wyoming?

We assist crime victims throughout Utah and other Intermountain states, providing much needed guidance and resources during the most complex cases.  We will help protect your rights as a victim in seeking the justice that you deserve.

To learn how we can assist you if you have been the victim of a crime (or if you are being threatened with harm), please contact one of the attorneys below, or call our main numbers in Salt Lake City (801) 521-9000, or St. George (435) 673-8288.

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