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Federal and state fraud charges are serious and are often punishable by both significant terms of incarceration and substantial fines.  Our criminal defense team is comprised of leading attorneys who are tenacious in defending the innocent and protecting our clients’ legal rights.

The Basis of Fraud Charges

Fraud and fraud-related offenses generally involve a crime of deliberately deceiving another in order to cause damages or to realize a benefit (usually one involving a monetary gain).  Fraudulent acts are sometimes also motivated by the desire to avoid criminal charges.

Fraudulent conduct often involves statements or writings alleged to be untruthful.  These can range from material misrepresentations included in loan and mortgage documentation and securities offerings, to virtually any other type of deceptive statement or writing.

We represent clients in a range of fraud-related actions, including:

  • Securities fraud – typically includes misrepresentations of material facts or omissions in connection with the sale of securities; such misrepresentations can occur through either verbal representations or in securities offering documents.
  • Wire fraud – involves the use of electronic communications (such as phones or the internet) in furtherance of the commission of a financial crime.
  • Tax fraud – occurs when an individual or entity fails to accurately file or report taxes, such as deliberately under-reporting income.
  • Ponzi fraud – rely upon payments from newer participants to pay off those who previously entered the scheme. Because the number of new participants eventually declines, Ponzi schemes ultimately collapse under their own weight when the funds from new participants are not sufficient to pay off older participants.
  • Mortgage fraud – occurs when a person seeking a mortgage loan makes a false material representation in order to obtain financing, such as deliberately over-representing income.

Defenses to Fraud Claims

We are experienced in defending business and individuals charged with all types of fraud.

Fraud crimes often involve complex matters, such as a defendant’s state of mind, or the extent by which a “victim” may have relied upon statements or documents.  Standards of conduct may need to be established, such as whether the omission of a fact was “material.”

While the particular allegations and elements of a crime will differ depending upon the criminal charge brought and the facts of the case, our approach to defending clients remains clear – a single focus on preserving the legal innocence of our clients and seeking for them the best outcome possible through tenacious advocacy.

Our Experience in Defending Clients Charged In Fraud Claims

We have decades of experience in vigorously defending the rights of clients charged with crimes.  One of the attorneys in our team formerly served as a U.S. Department of Justice prosecutor.  Having this experience greatly benefits our clients, and helps us work the case. Given this unique viewpoint, we appreciate all parties to a criminal defense prosecution.  With the wide-ranging legal services SCM attorneys offer firm wide, we have an extensive group of lawyers who can provide assistance for highly specific matters that arise.

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