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Criminal Law Practice Primary Contacts: Richard Van Wagoner, Samuel Alba, and Nathan Crane

Criminal Defense Lawyers – Defending the Reputations and Freedom of Clients From Our Salt Lake City and St. George Offices

Our Utah-based criminal defense attorneys and team provide a vigorous defense for individuals and businesses facing serious federal and state court criminal charges.

Much of our practice is focused on defending professionals, business executives and owners, and their companies against white-collar crime allegations involving various types of fraud, such as wire fraud, mortgage fraud, state and federal securities violations, Ponzi schemes, and other conduct designed to wrongly elicit money.  Our white-collar defense practice also provides representation for clients in other matters, such as criminal conduct alleged to have been committed by public officials or those seeking public office.

When you need a criminal defense attorney to defend your interests in a Utah state court or federal court, our team has the experience to help.

We also have unique experience representing Utah residential youth centers and Utah retirement homes.

Drug Charges, Sexual Assault, Robbery, and Other Violent Crime and Serious Felonies

We also represent individuals in a wide variety of criminal charges, ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies, including drug charges, rape, sexual assault, robbery, and other violent crimes.

We recognize that reputation, and often freedom, of our clients is at stake.  Our role is to aggressively seek the best outcome for our clients as quickly and indiscreetly as possible.  We are experienced in developing and implementing creative strategies toward accomplishing their objectives.  This might include vigorously challenging accusations and theories of a case, as well as any evidence presented. These strategies might also include motions to dismiss charges and motions to exclude evidence.

Our Criminal Defense Law Team and Experience

Our team of criminal defense lawyers includes a former federal prosecutor for the United States Department of Justice and a former federal magistrate judge who presided over federal criminal cases.  In addition, our team of criminal defense attorneys in Salt Lake City is comprised of lawyers and paralegals who have decades of criminal defense experience.  This includes representing clients in a number of very high-profile cases in Utah and Nevada.

Criminal Appeals

We also represent clients in criminal appeals that involve contesting convictions in both state and federal appellate courts.  Our attorneys are admitted to practice before all Utah state appellate courts, and a number of our attorneys are admitted to practice in federal appellate courts, as well as the United States Supreme Court.

We are relentless in seeking to overturn the convictions of our clients.  In some cases, successful appeals will lead to convictions being thrown out, new trials being required, or a significant reduction in sentences.  Our appellate work is focused on meticulously reviewing trial transcripts, identifying points of error (such as the misapplication of the law), and preparing appellate briefs (and sometimes presenting oral arguments) in seeking appropriate corrective remedies based upon case law and statutes.

In the appeals process, we represent clients whom we represented at trial, as well as clients represented at trial by other attorneys and firms who are now seeking experienced appellate counsel.

Victim Advocacy

Victims of crimes justifiably want to be heard.  In many jurisdictions, the right of victims to be heard is protected by statutes.  In these instances, courts must allow victims to provide a victim impact statement.  Victims may also be entitled to restitution from government funds.  In addition, the victims of crime (and those who are threatened by criminal activities) have every right to be protected against potential assailants.

Through our victim advocacy practice, we assist victims throughout the criminal process, providing information, support, resources, and help with protective orders, submitting Victim Impact Statements and restitution information.

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