Primary Practice Contacts: Nathan R. Skeen and Scott Young

Defense of Injury Claims Involving Trucks, Commercial Delivery Vehicles, and Mass Transit

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As Utah trucking and accident defense transportation lawyers, we understand the unique risks and challenges associated with the transportation industry.

We defend trucking companies, delivery services, insurers, mass transit agencies, and their drivers against personal injury and other insurance claims.

Our extensive courtroom experience has resulted in a considerable number of favorable transportation-related verdicts involving high-stake lawsuits and jury trials.  We represent several notable trucking industry clients, including the nation’s largest trucking company.

We also defend public transportation entities, including cities, the Utah Transit Authority, and the Utah Department of Transportation.

When an accident results in a criminal investigation or charges, our highly experienced criminal defense lawyers immediately get involved to assist.

Our 24/7 Accident Response Team

24-HOUR ACCIDENT RESPONSE: 1-877-247-3659

To better serve our transportation clients, we provide a 24-hour accident response hotline and team for round-the-clock support.  An emergency could happen at any time. Our on-call team includes a network of available lawyers nationwide.  They support our local attorneys and clients by immediately visiting accident scenes, communicating with drivers, coordinating with potential expert witnesses to commence investigations, determining immediate response strategies, and collecting or securing accident scene evidence.

Proactive Risk Minimization

Costly claims can often be avoided or mitigated by proper risk management strategies.  We work closely with transportation entities to create and implement policies and procedures that increase safety and reduce the likelihood of such claims.  Our transportation lawyers regularly present seminars on risk management and minimization issues.  They address a variety of client groups, including in-house counsel, safety managers, transportation groups, and transportation industry managers and executives.

Providing Operational and Transactional Legal Advice

In addition to litigation, we serve transportation clients through organization and business planning for new and emerging businesses, contract drafting, employment policy and procedure development (including contracts with owner-operators, and their training), and mergers and acquisitions for expanding businesses.

When commercial disputes arise, we help advance the interests of our clients and represent them in state and federal courts and before regulatory agencies.

Let Us Serve Your Company’s Legal Needs

Our transportation and trucking industry lawyers are ready to help.  For more information please contact Nathan R. Skeen, Scott Young, or another member of our team.

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