Real Estate

Utah’s Experienced Real Estate Industry Law Firm

Our real estate law attorneys have decades of experience working with some of Utah’s most influential developers, lenders, and governmental entities

We represent clients in a wide range of real estate matters, including purchases, sales, financing, leases, complex transactions, zoning, and condemnation.  We additionally represent homeowners associations, condominium associations, developers, and lenders in disputes and commercial litigation.

Real Estate Development and Financing

We assist clients in all areas of real estate development, including land acquisition, determining legal requirements for development, negotiating governmental approvals, financing, building code compliance, construction contract development, and commercial leases.

We also represent lenders who invest in commercial properties.  We prepare loan documents, security instruments, and guarantees that protect lenders in a wide variety of transactions.

Land Use and Zoning

Our real estate attorneys are particularly experienced in land use and zoning issues.  We handle a wide variety of matters, including boundary disputes, mixed-use and multi-use development, deed restrictions, and zoning compliance.

Because of our vast experience in the water law sector, which requires significant land condemnation for pipelines, we have developed a unique emphasis in eminent domain/condemnation law and related issues.

Many residential real estate developments operate under homeowners’ association agreements.  Our real estate attorneys work with developers and existing associations to draft HOA agreements, creating clear, specific, reasonable, and enforceable requirements, which help minimize future costly legal disputes.

Real Estate Dispute Resolution and Litigation

We also represent clients in virtually all types of real estate disputes, both during litigation and trial, in matters such as the enforceability of purchase agreements, lease breaches, eviction, the validity of HOA covenants and conditions, and the rightful nature of liens on real property.  We have achieved successful resolution of hundreds of real estate-related matters, often early in litigation.  Our motivation is always focused on seeking the best outcome for our client, preferably through negotiation and often mediation, and through litigation and trial when necessary.

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Our real estate lawyers are ready to help.  For more information please contact Michael R. Carlston in our Salt Lake City office or Scott Awerkamp in our St. George office.

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