Intellectual Property Litigation

We help companies protect their rights in the development, licensing, and use of intellectual property

We protect important innovations and maintain our clients’ competitive advantage against unauthorized use and infringement through litigation and (where appropriate) seeking declaratory judgment actions to stop infringing behavior.  We additionally represent and defend clients against infringement or license breach claims, including (in some circumstances) asserting action against licensors of intellectual property for indemnity.

We Understand the Importance of Intellectual Property Litigation

For many companies, intellectual property is at the heart of their existence.  When validity challenges to important intellectual property are made, the result can be “bet the company” litigation.  Our IP litigation attorneys are highly experienced in these matters and focus on seeking favorable results for clients in arbitration or at trial.

The Scope of Our Intellectual Property Litigation Practice

We defend our clients’ rights in state and federal trial and appeals courts, as well as before government agencies and arbitration panels.

We provide intellectual property protection services to a broad range of industries and market sectors.  We also represent business owners and developers in resolving software development issues and complex software licensing issues.

Technology involved in intellectual property litigation can be intricate and complex.  As a result, communication with the judge, jury, or other neutral arbiter is critical.  Our IP litigation attorneys excel at communicating complicated concepts of fact to judges and juries alike.

When IP is involved in other kinds of litigation, such as business dissolution or bankruptcy proceedings, our attorneys assist with valuations of these intangible assets and work with companies to ensure that their most valuable assets are protected.

Get Experienced Intellectual Property Representation

Our intellectual property lawyers are ready to serve your company’s needs.  For more information about the services we provide in this area, contact Keith A. Call.

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