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Utah Commercial Litigation Attorneys for Business Disputes

Advancing Client Interests Toward Resolution and Optimal Outcomes

Business and commercial disputes are disruptive to all those involved.  They involve considerable management time, require the expenditure of money and other resources, and generally do not contribute to advancing key business goals.

With a team of experienced business litigators, our approach to every business dispute is to clearly understand the objectives of our clients and then develop strategies designed to achieve them. We represent clients in cases ranging from routine business issues to matters in which the survival of a business is at stake.

Our SCM business and commercial disputes lawyers are experienced in Utah State and federal courts, as well as regulatory agencies.  Many are also licensed to practice in states outside of Utah.

Understanding Litigation Time and Resource Requirements

We believe it is critical for clients to fully understand – at the outset of litigation – the time and resources that could possibly be involved.  Having this knowledge upfront helps clients choose the litigation path that is right for their company.  While we always endeavor to achieve successful results in the early stages of a dispute, we believe it is also important for clients to understand the resources likely to be required if an acceptable settlement cannot be achieved quickly.

We Align Our Litigation Approach with Client Objectives

Many law firms approach all litigation matters using the same approach that is solely focused on winning at trial.  They want to interview or depose all those involved, leave no stone unturned, carefully research every issue, and seek to minimize every bit of uncertainty, irrespective of the legal fees and costs involved or the dollar amount at stake.

Our approach is different. We appreciate that business executives are paid to manage risk.  Some litigation matters, particularly “bet the company” matters, may dictate that such a comprehensive approach be taken.  With many other cases, however, the approach may be to attempt to settle the matter as soon as possible for an acceptable settlement.  Other matters may lead to a bifurcated approach – exploring settlement possibilities while simultaneously advancing a case through discovery.

We Have the Experience to Help Clients in Seeking Optimal Outcomes

It is important for businesses involved in litigation to understand that approximately ninety-six percent of civil disputes are resolved prior to trial. Settlement can be discussed by any party at any time during litigation and is often a cost-effect alternative to a trial.  Arbitration and mediation are also frequently used to settle disputes.

With the tremendous increase in litigation costs and the time required to prepare for trial, there are strong incentives for all parties to resolve litigation prior to trial.  Pre-trial settlements offer a number of benefits: they typically cost less, are resolved faster than trial, and allow the parties to craft creative outcomes.

Accordingly, highly experienced and strategic litigators are not only adept at the litigation process but also possess strong negotiation skills and creativity for crafting unique solutions and resolutions to client disputes.  In the event a dispute cannot be resolved prior to trial, they must then have the demonstrated trial skills to effectively try the case before a jury.

As experienced litigators, our commercial litigators and trial attorneys excel in litigation, negotiating creative solutions, and trial experience.

What Strategy Will be Best for Your Case?

At the outset of a business dispute, our role is to carefully review, together with our client, all known facts, and related documentation.  Then, collectively with our clients, we develop a strategy that is right for them.

SCM is highly regarded for its litigation skills and proven track record of meticulously advancing client cases and striving for successful outcomes, both through settlement and at trial.

Attorney Recognition

Many of our litigators are rated AV by Martindale Hubbell, consistently recognized in The Best Lawyers in America, Mountain States Super Lawyers and Super Lawyers Business Edition, Chambers and Partners, and Utah Business Magazine’s Legal Elite.

More About Our Commercial Litigation Services

For more information about our Commercial Litigation services, please contact Keith Call, Jason Hawkins, Scott Young or one of the attorneys on our team.    

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