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Serving individuals, businesses, and public entities in dispute resolution, litigation, and trial 

We have served the trial and litigation needs of Utah businesses, public entities, and individuals since the state of Utah was founded.  Our attorneys, paralegals, and team of experienced support staff proudly serve Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah.

As one of Utah’s oldest law firms, we represent many of Utah’s most prominent businesses and public entities.  Our extensive courtroom experience rivals that of most other Utah law firms.  Our experienced team of trial lawyers actively practice before all Utah state, federal trial, and appellate courts, as well as administrative and regulatory agencies.  We help individual, business, and public entity clients successfully settle disputes outside the courtroom and provide effective representation when cases do go to trial.

When you need a trial or litigation law firm in Utah

Our trial and litigation lawyers are ready to help.  For more information about the legal services SC&M provides in this area, contact Scott Young or any of our other trial or litigation attorneys.

Practice Contacts

Bryson R. Brown

Keith A. Call

Dani N. Cepernich

Ben J. Cilwick

Nathan A. Crane

Robert B. Cummings

Clark S. Gardner

D. Jason Hawkins

Brian P. Miller

Nathanael J. Mitchell

Adrienne A. Moss

Scott C. Powers

Jurhee A. Rice

Andrew L. Roth

Ruth A. Shapiro

Nathan R. Skeen

Joel D. Taylor

Richard Van Wagoner

Brenda E. Weinberg

Scott Young