Recreation and Entertainment

Representation of Utah Ski Industry & Outdoor Equipment Manufacturer Clients and the State’s Largest Amusement Park

Utah’s ski industry is known worldwide for its breathtaking scenery and world-class skiing. You want to ensure that your interests, or your business in the outdoor recreation and entertainment industry is well-represented by legal counsel who knows the ins and outs of the industry.

Snow Christensen & Martineau has a deep understanding of Utah’s unique outdoor recreation and entertainment industry, we provide invaluable legal advice, representation, and defense against liability claims.

Utah boasts a wide range of opportunities for skiing and other outdoor recreation.

We represent outdoor recreation and entertainment industry clients, providing operational, legal advice, transactional representation, and litigation defense when liability claims are asserted.

We represent Utah outdoor recreation and entertainment industry clients, providing transactional and operational, legal advice and defense representation in liability claims

We represent prominent clients in the Utah ski industry, manufacturers of outdoor equipment, and Utah’s largest amusement park.

Entertainment Law

Utah often serves as a backdrop for the film and production industry.   It is home to many entertainers from a wide range of the performing arts.  We represent Utah entertainers – including actors, film directors, musicians, set designers, and TV broadcasters.  We help draft talent agreements, license bands and shows, and protect artists’ intellectual property through copyrights and trademarks.

Learn about our Utah recreation and entertainment law practices. With offices in Salt Lake City and St. George, we are well-positioned to serve clients not only in Utah but also beyond. Trust in our expertise to protect your business and help it thrive.

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