Professional Liability Defense

Primary Practice Contact: Keith A. Call

Our experienced professional liability defense attorneys defend a wide range of professionals and their insurers

We defend a variety of professionals in professional liability matters, including physicians and medical professionals, lawyers and legal professionals, real estate agents, accountants, architects, engineers, insurance and fiduciary professionals, as well as professional companies and the organizations where the professionals work.

Professionals must meet standards and codes of ethical conduct. Failure to do so can result in sanctions, suspensions, fines, and even loss of certifications or professional licenses. We represent professionals vigorously in lawsuits as well as professional discipline issues when licensure and credentialing are at stake.

The Basis of a Professional Liability Lawsuit – Understanding Professional Malpractice

The basis of professional liability negligence is an allegation that a professional failed to meet or follow the standards of care required by similar professionals in that industry and that harm resulted from such failure.

Professional liability lawsuits are not only highly fact-specific but also require the use of experts to establish the level of care required and to prove how the professional failed to meet such standards. We defend professionals in these cases and rely on leading experts to show how our client met the required standards of care. We know that in many cases, while an unfortunate outcome may have resulted, the professional nonetheless will still have met the applicable standards.

We Know What is at Stake

Professional liability claims have the potential to significantly damage reputations.  They can also be costly to defend and have the potential of resulting in significant damages.

We work closely with professionals and their insurance companies to protect and defend reputations and professional interests.

When professional reputations are at stake, we provide a vigorous defense.

Our professional liability attorneys are ready to help.  For more information please contact Keith A. Call or another member of our team.

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