Personal Injury Defense

Our experienced personal injury defense attorneys have tried thousands of personal injury cases

Our personal injury defense lawyers defend individuals, businesses, organizations, and governmental entities against claims involving wrongful death, work injuries, vehicular accidents, defective products, defective premises (causing slip-and-fall accidents), medical mistakes, and other causes.  We have defended clients in thousands of injury and wrongful death cases and have a wealth of resources, including a roster of trusted expert witnesses, that we call upon.

We have developed substantial experience in defending transportation companies in trucking and vehicle accident lawsuits involving drivers and vehicles.  Our transportation injury defense practice includes representation of the nation’s largest trucking company.  In the case of transportation accidents, we have developed a 24/7 response team providing immediate attention to the situation, including having an experienced investigatory team at the scene as soon as possible.

Developing a Defense Strategy

We are frequently retained by clients alleged to be at fault and/or their insurance carrier.  A first step in personal injury defense is to meticulously review the facts of the case.  In vehicle accident cases, we may engage accident reconstructionists to assist in determining specifics of how an accident occurred.  We will often also engage other experts in non-vehicle crashes.  Simultaneously, if litigation has been initiated, we will file an answer and often motions on behalf of our client.

Next, we work with our clients and insurance companies in developing the best defense strategy to pursue.  Aspects to carefully consider and assess include the amount at stake, the likely cost to defend a case through trial, and the degree of legal liability (if any) likely to be found against our client.  We also provide guidance as to whether it may be better to seek a settlement or to fully litigate a matter.

After carefully assessing these and other relevant factors and the possible course of action available, we then proceed to vigorously seek the best and desired outcome for our clients.

Representing Plaintiffs in Injury and Wrongful Death Matters

Although we usually defend clients against personal injury claims, we also represent injured parties in select cases — especially those involving catastrophic brain injuries or wrongful death.  If you or a family member has been severely injured, or if your family has lost a loved one because of the wrongful actions or negligence of someone else, please contact us.

We invite you to call us to learn more about our personal injury defense practice, and to learn how we can help

Our personal injury defense attorneys are ready to help.  For more information please contact Ruth Shapiro or another member of our team.

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