Utah Medical Malpractice Defense

We Understand What is at Stake When a Utah Medical Malpractice Claim is Alleged

As a leader in Utah medical malpractice defense work in the Intermountain West, we represent multiple hospitals, community health centers, and several specialty centers. 

We represent many physicians and other healthcare providers through their various insurance carriers.  We also represent dentists and dental specialists insured by Utah’s largest insurer of dentists.

An accusation of medical malpractice can have serious implications for a medical professional, a healthcare institution, and providers of medical malpractice insurance.  For physicians, not only can significant damages be at stake, the physician’s reputation, credentialing, privileges, and future cost of malpractice insurance is also at risk.  Hospitals, physician groups, and other healthcare providers are also at risk for their reputations and damages.  Insurance companies, who ultimately may bear the cost for a verdict or settlement, are also at risk for legal exposure, and must immediately retain counsel as well to defend their insured.

When it comes to Utah medical malpractice defense, our experience and years of success established through countless cases have made us the “go-to” law firm for many leading healthcare organizations, physicians, and dentists in Utah.

The Clients Who Rely Upon Us

Our medical malpractice lawyers defend many Utah medical systems against a wide range of medical malpractice claims.  These healthcare systems include multiple hospitals, community health centers, and specialty centers.  We also represent many physicians and other healthcare providers through their various insurance providers.  Our dental malpractice lawyers represent dentists and dental specialists insured by Utah’s largest insurer of dentists.

Developing a Defense Strategy

When a healthcare client is sued (or threatened with a lawsuit) concerning alleged malpractice, we rely on leading medical experts to advise on the sequence of events and facts surrounding the alleged malpractice.  In these cases, it’s not legally enough that an unfortunate result occurred; in order for a claim to succeed at trial, the plaintiff must prove that the healthcare provider failed in some respect to meet the standard of care expected, and that such failure directly resulted in the alleged injury.

In many instances, the actions taken by a healthcare provider may be well within the reasonable scope of actions that a competent provider would have taken.  In other cases, the injury suffered may have been completely independent of the actions taken by the healthcare provider.

We work tirelessly defending our clients against claims alleging they failed to meet the standard of care required.  Those who threaten or initiate claims against our healthcare clients know of our determination to defend them vigorously.  We will not hesitate to proceed to trial when our clients are confident they have done nothing wrong.

In some medical malpractice cases, it may be advantageous to consider an out-of-court settlement.  In these instances, our focus is to effectuate a resolution in a way that protects the reputation, licenses, and financial resources of our client.

Proactive Advice Concerning Malpractice Minimization

We regularly work with healthcare professionals to proactively address medical malpractice issues and advise hospitals and doctors on the most effective ways to avoid such difficulties.

Our attorneys serve on the Utah Medical Association, Medical Malpractice Advisory Group, organized by the Utah Medical Association.  This group is active in promoting changes to Utah law that help the state’s health care providers defend against claims of alleged medical malpractice.

When an experienced, tenacious Utah medical malpractice law firm is needed.

Our healthcare and medical malpractice defense lawyers are ready to help.  For more information please contact Brian P. Miller or another member of our team.

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