Mass Tort Defense

Primary Practice Contact: Ruth A. Shapiro

As Experienced Insurance Defense Attorneys, We Have Defended Manufacturers Against Mass Tort Litigation

A mass tort is a single tort that results in injury to many victims and involves numerous plaintiffs suing one (or several) defendants who allegedly acted negligently.  In most mass tort cases, the individual plaintiffs must sue for problems or harm caused by a single common product.

Manufacturers may be insured to protect themselves from product liability.  Two of the most frequent types of mass tort claims are consumer product claims and drug and medical device claims.  We are highly experienced in defending clients and their insurers in both areas.

Complex Litigation Defense

Mass torts fall within the high-stakes realm of “complex litigation.”  They include numerous parties, complex variations of law, and typically involve millions of dollars.  Because they are so complex, seeking the assistance of lawyers who are experienced in this specialized area of law is vital.

Acting as local, regional, and national counsel, we have defended numerous manufacturers against mass tort litigation.  We have the resources (including experienced staff and document management software) to efficiently oversee and coordinate these massive workloads.  We help clients avoid mass torts by counseling them upfront on ways to reduce risk and minimize legal issues from occurring.  Our team of business lawyers helps clients establish business practices that position them to defend their practices and products in litigation.

Serving the Defense Needs of Leading Companies

Our mass tort defense lawyers are ready to help.  For more information please contact Ruth A. Shapiro or another member of our team.

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