Insurance Defense

We thoroughly understand the  insurance industry and provide a full range of services to meet our clients’ insurance defense needs

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Insurance defense is an established aspect of our firm’s litigation practice.

With a full range of services and specializations—ranging from medical malpractice to trademark and copyright, cyber security and employment defensewe understand important particulars of the insurance industry and are well-prepared to handle the nuances and complexities of each unique case.

Our team of experienced insurance lawyers is widely recognized for successful resolutions in sophisticated, high-stakes cases. Our long-standing working relationships with a wide range of experts and consultants provide a bank of resources from which we may draw upon when necessary.

From slip-and-fall cases to complicated construction and business disputes, the thousands of cases we have represented provide our clients the confidence needed to ease their minds and know that we are doing all that is possible for a successful outcome.

Primary Practice Contacts: Korey D. Rasmussen and Scott Young

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When an Experienced Utah Insurance Defense Law Firm is Needed

Our insurance defense lawyers are ready to help.  For additional information please contact Korey Rasmussen, Scott Young, or another member of the group.


Practice Contacts

Salt Lake City Business Lawyer Korey Rasmussen

Korey D. Rasmussen

Steven W. Beckstrom

Bryson R. Brown

Robert C. Keller

Nathanael J. Mitchell

Adrienne A. Moss

Richard W. Poll

Scott C. Powers

Ruth A. Shapiro

Joel D. Taylor

Robert W. Thompson

Richard A. Vazquez

Brenda E. Weinberg

Heather S. White

Scott Young