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Utah Insurance Lawyers

We assist casualty, fidelity, life, and health insurers and their brokers.

The Utah insurance industry is widely regulated when it comes to the business of insurance, the content of insurance policies, and claims handling.  We help casualty, fidelity, life, and health insurers and their brokers operate in compliance with the regulations concerning these areas.

Organizational and Operational Matters

We assist insurers with all aspects of organization and operations, including contracts and agreements, cyber security, employment and benefits, finance, formation, mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions, and securities.

When it comes to the content of insurance policies, our lawyers are very familiar with current  regulatory requirements.  We review proposed and existing policies to make them as strong and enforceable as possible, while still complying with state and federal regulations.

Snow Christensen & Martineau Tort and Insurance Addendum

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Insurance Claims and Defense

Many insurance claims can be avoided by proper risk management strategies.  We work closely and proactively with the policyholders of our insurance industry clients to create and implement policies and procedures that protect the workplace and reduce the likelihood of claims.

We defend insurers and insured businesses against a wide range of insurance claims, including bad faith, construction and surety, cyber security, drug and medical device, medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, mass tort, professional liability, and workers’ compensation.

When a claim is filed, we assist with prompt and proper analysis of the claim.  In most cases, we help our clients achieve fair resolution through settlement. If a claim proceeds to court, we provide a skilled and vigorous defense.

Primary Practice Contact: Richard A. Vazquez

How can we help with your needs?

Our insurance lawyers are ready to help.  For additional information about our insurance practice contact Richard A. Vazquez.

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