Utah Healthcare Lawyers – We help clients protect their assets, increase productivity, and streamline the delivery of services.

For over a century now, our healthcare lawyers have served the majority of Utah’s healthcare organizations with their legal needs.  The services we provide include:

  • Employment – advising employers on federal and state employment laws;
  • Patient Privacy Regulations – compliance with state and federal laws, including HIPAA;
  • Medicare – reimbursement and regulatory issues;
  • Cybersecurity – data breach prevention and response;
  • Government Investigations – False Claims Act, state and federal regulatory compliance;
  • Providers – preparation and review of employment and consulting contracts, and consulting on credentialing and licensing issues;
  • Stark Law/Anti-Kickback – advising on compliance and interpretation; and
  • Litigation – employment, government investigations, medical malpractice, and more.

We represent physician groups, individual physicians, clinics, hospitals, insurers, dentists and dental specialists, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and others.  We also represent Utah’s largest insurers of dentists, anesthesiologists, and podiatrists; and Utah’s largest network of university hospitals, clinics and its physicians.

Our Utah Medical Malpractice Defense Practice

We have decades of experience handling thousands of Utah medical malpractice defense and Utah dental malpractice defense cases.

In helping to avoid Utah medical malpractice litigation and reduce the likelihood of related issues, we counsel clients on the development and implementation of protective policies and procedures.  Our healthcare lawyers regularly present at resident conferences, grand rounds, seminars, and other professional meetings; and we serve on healthcare advisory boards and committees dedicated to identifying industry trends and educating industry professionals.  We also work towards helping to solve emerging medical malpractice issues in the Utah Legislature.

Business Transactions, Cyber Security, and HIPAA

We assist our Utah healthcare clients with business transactions, including business formation and the purchase, sale, or merger of a practice or facility.

We advise our healthcare clients on matters relating to the security of electronic medical and financial patient data.  We also help clients address ongoing compliance issues and manage breaches of privacy and security.

We assist providers in purchasing electronic systems, understanding state and federal rules and regulations, educating staff, developing policies and procedures, and conducting HIPAA privacy rule and security rule assessments.  We also assist clients to respond to investigations from the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Justice, and other state and federal agencies

Regulatory Compliance, Credentialing, and Licensure

Our clients rely on us to help them navigate the complex regulatory system.

This includes assistance in assuming a new practice, licensing medical equipment, establishing billing procedures, transferring records, and hiring employees.  We also negotiate with health departments and federal regulators to obtain necessary licenses and variances on our clients’ behalf.

Regulatory and Other Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise, our Utah healthcare lawyers do everything possible to settle matters expeditiously and in a way that protects reputations, licenses, and financial resources.  If an out-of-court resolution cannot be reached and a case proceeds to trial, our healthcare litigation and trial lawyers are well-prepared to provide a vigorous defense.

Primary Practice Contacts: Brian P. Miller and Chris Droubay

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