Commercial Real Estate

Primary Practice Contact: Michael R. Carlston

Serving Utah’s Private Companies and Public Entities with Experienced Commercial Real Estate Counsel and Transactional Representation

Successful businesses—even online businesses—need real property from which to operate.  When seeking to identify the best solution for the unique needs of each client—whether the situation involves buying, building, or leasing real estate—we combine the principles of real estate law with our client’s short and long-term business objectives always in mind.

Purchase, Sale, & Development

For business owners interested in purchasing or selling real property, we provide a full range of services, including preparing letters of intent, purchase and sale contracts, due diligence, negotiating key terms and conditions, and financing representation.

For business owners who want to develop real property for their own use, we assist in land acquisition, ascertaining requirements for development, negotiating approval processes with government entities, assuring compliance with building codes, obtaining financing, and developing construction contracts.

For business owners interested in leasing real property for their operations, we represent owners and tenants in all types of lease transactions, including ground leases, commercial leases, and sale/leasebacks.

Due Diligence and Environmental Risk Management

Real property acquisition often involves the risk of unknown environmental or other liabilities.  We advise clients on strategies that can be used, and actions that can be taken, to minimize such potential liabilities.  These might include:

  • Transactional liability minimization through representations, warranties, indemnities, and even escrow;
  • Site background research to identify past site uses;
  • Environmental ground testing; and
  • Insurance

Our risk-management approach to a company’s real estate transactions protects assets, mitigates risks, and creates opportunities for smart growth.

Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise over real property transactions, we help clients advance their cases with the objective of achieving swift and favorable resolution.  We know the best approach for our clients may not be the traditional litigation route, but instead attempting to achieve resolution through negotiation and mediation.

If non-litigation approaches are not viable, we are well prepared to represent our clients’ interests through legal remedies, including mediation, arbitration, and trial if necessary.

When an Experienced Utah Commercial Real Estate Law Firm is Needed

Our commercial real estate lawyers are ready to help.  For more information about our real estate services, please contact Michael R. Carlston or another member of our team.

Practice Contacts

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