As Utah Government Lawyers, we have represented public entity clients for more than 60 years

Our representation of Utah public entities involves a wide range of legal services, from providing transactional and employment advice to all aspects of the litigation and trial process.

We represent Utah cities, counties and water districts, police departments, charter schools, and other governmental clients, including the University of Utah, the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy, and the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake.

Over decades of representation, we have worked with most Utah cities and counties, as well as some water districts.  We provide a unique emphasis on the defense of police departments and police officers accused of civil rights and other infractions.

Our Litigation Representation and Government Defense

A key aspect of our government practice includes litigation defense arising from matters including public contracting, employment, and alleged civil rights violations.  For more information about our government defense practice, please click here.

In many cases, governmental immunity prevents people and entities from suing a government, government employees, and officials.  We understand the nuances of these complex laws and were active in the bipartisan working group that drafted the Reenacted 2004 Governmental Immunity Act (which clarified governmental immunity law following a Utah Supreme Court case that had restricted immunity).

Proactive Counsel and Risk Minimization

Although much of our work involves the defense of government entities against claims, our goal is to prevent such claims from being filed in the first place.

We work closely with our clients to implement policies, procedures, systems, and other risk management tools, along with offering no-cost seminars – especially in the areas of interaction with the public, employment, government relations, and land use and zoning — that help minimize the likelihood of disputes occurring.

We recognize and understand government entities’ sensitivity to the cost of legal services and the need to maintain public trust.  We also understand the ever-changing political reality in which our government clients operate.

When Experienced Governmental Representation is Needed

Our government lawyers are ready to help.  For more information please get in touch with Heather S. White or another team member.

Practice Contacts

Heather S. White

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Robert C. Keller

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