Mergers and Acquisitions

Our Utah mergers and acquisitions lawyers provide skilled and experienced advice at every stage of a transaction

Mergers and acquisitions allow a business to grow and gain entry into new markets.

Our mergers and acquisitions attorneys represent both buyers and sellers in these transactions through structuring transactions, drafting agreements, representing them in negotiations, providing tax and compliance advice, conducting legal due diligence, and helping mitigate transaction risk.  Our risk-management approach to merger and acquisition transactions protects assets, mitigates risk, and creates opportunities for smart growth.

We also assist clients through working closely with state and federal governmental agencies whose approval may be required.  In particular, we represent clients in matters involving a showing that a merger will not have an anti-competitive effect on the market.

Protecting Against Unknown Risks and Liabilities

In a merger, two companies combine their assets and liabilities.  In a share purchase acquisition, one company purchases the shares of another.  In an asset purchase acquisition, one company purchases most or all of the assets of a target company without purchasing any of its stock.

Mergers and stock acquisitions, in particular, have the risk that the purchaser or surviving entity may acquire unknown liabilities.  Such liabilities can include unknown environmental liabilities associated with real property, lawsuits that have not yet been filed, or even financial liability associated with tax matters.

We help purchasers consider such risks and implement protections that help guard against such liabilities to the extent possible.  Such protections can include representations and warranties, insurance, escrow, and other mechanisms.

Importantly, we assist clients in conducting legal due diligence in seeking to identify potential unknown liabilities, or to provide an additional level of assurance that such liabilities do not exist.  While it is not possible to eliminate all potential unknown risks in a transaction, through due diligence, we help minimize any potential liability risks.

Assistance in Implementing Transactional Changes

Mergers and acquisitions often require substantial legal work to be completed at closing and after the transaction is completed, such as name changes, property recordings, stock certificate issuances, contract assumptions and approvals, and permitting matters.  We help clients identify and develop a plan for effectuating these matters so that the transaction can go as smoothly as possible.

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Our Utah mergers and acquisitions lawyers are ready to help.  For more information please contact Colby Clark in our Salt Lake Office and  Steven W. Beckstrom in our St. George office, or another member of our team.

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