Petrzelka v. Goodwin, 2020 UT App 34, 461 P.3d 1134 (Mar. 5, 2020)

In this divorce action, the district court, among other things, declined to award the husband (Goodwin) alimony. During the marriage, the parties lived in a home the wife (Petrzelka) had purchased previously and they kept their finances separate sharing in only some “very limited” joint expenses. In denying alimony, the district court found that the parties “essentially maintained separate standards of living,” with husband always living beyond his means. In affirming, the court of appeals found no abuse of discretion noting that husband did not challenge the district court’s finding that he “was capable of meeting his needs through his own income and that the parties’ deliberate separation of their finances during marriage was germane to the equities surrounding the alimony request.”