Hunsaker v. American Healthcare, 2014 UT App 275, — P.3d —- (Nov. 20, 2014) 

Defendant moved to dismiss based on lack of personal jurisdiction, the district court agreed, and the Court of Appeals reversed. Hunsaker goes into detail on personal jurisdiction requirements, and it is significant for its reminder that personal jurisdiction must be examined at the beginning of every lawsuit and that contacts with Utah via the internet can be sufficient to establish personal jurisdiction. The court held that an out-of-state company subjected itself to personal jurisdiction in Utah by: (1) advertising on a website that it was available to serve Utah clients; (2) contracting with a Utah resident to determine the value of her Utah company using Utah-based data; (3) researching the company’s value; (4) receiving payment from the resident; and (5) sending the resulting appraisal to the resident.