Ethics for the State and Local Government Attorney

Contact: Keith A. Call

Originally appeared in the Utah Bar Journal May/June 2018

According to my unofficial count, there are approximately 255 Attorneys General in Utah. That easily makes the AG’s office the largest law firm in Utah. There are approximately fifty-five U.S. Attorneys. Utah has twenty-nine counties, each of which has some form of County Attorney. As of 2010, according to the “official” internet source Wikipedia, Utah had 243 incorporated cities and towns. And there are more water, sewer, fire, snow removal, animal control, and other special service districts, commissions, boards, and committees than I know how to count.

Each of these government entities needs legal counsel, making the demand for government legal services a major part of Utah’s legal economy. State and local government attorneys face unique ethical dilemmas in a unique context. This article addresses some of the more common ethical questions.  Read full article >>>

Keith A. Call