Cracking the Stress Code & Building Resilience Through Caring & Connection

SCM attorney Andrew Morse and Executive Director of the Well-Being Committee with the Utah State Bar, Martha Knudson, presented a Utah State Bar Virtual CLE Webinar last week. Their presentation titled, “Cracking the Stress Code & Building Resilience Through Caring & Connection” took attorneys on a deep dive into the science of stress to help them better understand why developing resiliency works – specifically the skills of caring and connection. They applied the science to the real-world practice of law and life so attorneys can start using these tools today to help them build resilience as they enter the Coronavirus winter.

Elevated Resilience Scientifically Linked with:

  • Greater ability to tolerate stress, uncertainty, adversity
  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced ability to tackle challenges
  • Increased job performance
  • Buffering against burnout, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, PTSD
  • Speedier recovery after setbacks
  • Making us stronger, healthier, and more successful
  • Greater job satisfaction

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Andrew is an experienced trial lawyer who concentrates his practice on particularly high-risk lawsuits that wind up in court.  He is a partner at SCM and served as firm president from 2011-2018. He serves on the Well-Being Committee at the Utah State Bar and is a newly elected Bar Commissioner. Andrew not only understands the importance of actively caring for one’s resilience and well-being, he walks the talk for himself and the lawyers he mentors.