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Times of Uncertainty and Your Estate Plan

The last three months have brought significant uncertainty to most of our lives. Our “normal” lives have been saturated with varying levels of fear, anxiety, and confusion. The coronavirus has forced some of us to learn new skills and do…

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Estate Planning and Digital Assets

Planning for your digital assets is similar to estate planning for other assets. There are multiple ways in which you can safely pass on your digital accounts. 

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Keep Your Estate Planning Documents Organized For Your Family

Many of us do not think about what would happen if we suddenly became incapacitated or died. Would our friends, spouse, or family know what to do? Would they know where to find important documents? Would they be able to access (or even know about) online accounts or files? Would they know whom to ask if they need help?

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Divorce and Life Insurance – What Happens?

Whether each spouse realizes it or not, one often overlooked asset in the divorce proceedings is life insurance. Too often, the policy remains unchanged, and the beneficiary, the ex-spouse, may reap a windfall as a result of an unexpected death.