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#MeToo Movement

By: Nathan A. Crane

The #MeToo movement has created a flood of claims, public accusations and predicted denials.  No one could have suspected the extent of the issue.  Many of the claims involve alleged conduct that occurred years or even decades before the claim is made, and this raises difficult and unusual legal issues for the participants in legal cases. 

Federal jurors and defense lawyers receive rate increases

By: Nathan A. Crane

The federal judiciary has received an increase in their yearly budget.  This extra funding will be used to increase daily pay for jurors to $50/day.  While this pay for jurors is a far cry from what they deserve for the important work they do, it is welcome news.  This is the first juror pay increase in over 28 years.

Defendants are entitled to a fair trial and due process

Regardless of how you might feel about defendants, they are entitled to a fair trial under the Fifth and Sixth Amendments. That includes a prosecution that produces all material information within its possession, custody or control that could bear on…

Charge dropped in July 4th firework blaze

Charges were dismissed against Richard Otterstrom who was wrongly accused of causing a July 4th fire that badly damaged a home in Cottonwood Heights.  “We feel that a redaction should be issued as an apology to my client who was wrongly accused, “ said Otterstrom’s lawyer, Nathan A. Crane.

Defending Utah’s former Attorney General

Former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff was arrested and charged with ten felonies including receiving or soliciting bribes, accepting gifts, tampering with witnesses and evidence, and participating in a pattern of unlawful conduct. Shurtleff steadfastly asserts his innocence. Our team is defending Shurtleff against these allegations.