Heather White Presents on Current Trends in Claims

Today, SCM lawyer Heather White discussed recent trends in claims with members of the Utah Local Government Trust.

Allegations of excessive use of force by police officers reached critical mass in 2020, igniting massive protests and riots across the nation and here in Utah. And amid the COVID-19 pandemic, government entities, considered “deep pockets,” are more of a target than ever for various claims. Heather’s presentation covered some of the current trends in claims, including police liability and premises liability. It included a discussion on use of force, search and seizure, racial profiling, and dealing with the media, as well as claims related to facilities, sidewalks, roads, and parking lots. The discussion focused on what can be done to prevent and be prepared to defend against these claims.

These unique times have posed unique risks in police liability. Should you have any questions about this or need legal representation please contact Heather White.