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Utah Tort and Insurance Seminar, Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Join us for the Annual Tort and Insurance Law Seminar. This year Snow Christensen & Martineau the seminar live in our newly remodeled offices as well as virtually for those who are unable to attend in person. Come and enjoy our newly remodeled office in the historic Newhouse building.

Patterson v. State, 2021 UT 52 (Aug. 25, 2021)

Analyzing a range of issues in this appeal of a post-conviction proceeding, the supreme court recognized that it possesses constitutional authority to issue post-conviction extraordinary writs independent of the Post-Conviction Remedies Act and clarified the relationship between the writ authority…

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SCM turns a defense case into a judgment of more than $340,000 for its clients

Defense lawyer Robert Cummings, of Snow Christensen & Martineau a renowned litigation firm in the state of Utah, has achieved a notable victory under this accomplished representation. With years of experience defending clients in court cases, SCM Law has become one of the most sought-after firms by those who need legal counsel.

State v. Richins, 2021 UT 50 (Aug. 19, 2021)

The supreme court reversed the court of appeals, vacated the defendant’s conviction for lewdness, and remanded for a new trial where the state was allowed to admit evidence of prior instances of lewd behavior under the doctrine of chances, over…

McKitrick v. Gibson, 2021 UT 48 (Aug. 19, 2021)

Gibson, a former county commissioner, petitioned for judicial review of Ogden City’s decision to publicly release records of an investigation into his alleged official misconduct. Though he lacked standing under GRAMA to challenge the decision, the district court permitted Gibson’s…