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McQuarrie v. McQuarrie, 2019 UT App 147 (Aug. 29, 2019)

Applying principles of contract interpretation, the court of appeals held that the presumption of automatic termination of alimony upon remarriage did not apply, because the decree not only omitted remarriage as a terminating event, but also contained a series of…

Cheek v. Iron County, 2019 UT 50 (Aug. 16, 2019)

Plaintiff filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court against Iron County and Iron County’s attorney in his official capacity.  On a motion to dismiss, the federal court dismissed the federal claims with prejudice and the state claims without prejudice….

Amundsen v. University of Utah, 2019 UT 49 (Aug. 15, 2019)

The supreme court affirmed the district court’s dismissal of the plaintiff’s medical malpractice claim against the University of Utah based on the plaintiff’s failure to timely file a notice of claim as required by Utah’s Governmental Immunity Act.  The Court…

Ross v. State, 2019 UT 48 (Aug. 15, 2019)

The district court initially granted summary judgment to the State dismissing this PCRA petition, but that ruling was reversed and remanded for an evidentiary hearing to determine whether appellate counsel was ineffective for not raising the argument that trial counsel…