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State v. Ogden, 2018 UT 8 (Feb. 27, 2018).

After the criminal defendant pled guilty to two counts of aggravaAll Poststed sexual abuse of a child, the district court entered orders for complete and court-ordered restitution for, among other things, the anticipated cost of mental health treatment for the…

Gonzalez v. Cullimore, 2018 UT 9 (Feb. 26, 2018).

In this suit filed to collect a debt purportedly owed to a condominium owners association, the defendant—debtor asserted a counterclaim against the law firm representing the association, arguing the law firm had violated § 1692e of the Fair Debt Collection…

Salo v. Tyler, 2018 UT 7 (Feb. 22, 2018).

The Court disavowed any prior suggestion in Orvis v. Johnson, 2008 UT 2, that the Utah summary judgment standard is distinct from the federal standard stated in Celotex Corp. v. Catrett, 477 U.S. 317 (1986), and held that when the…

State v. Smith, 2018 UT App 28 (Feb. 15, 2018).

In an opinion emphasizing the importance of a clear record that a criminal defendant understands the consequences of waiving the right to counsel at sentencing, the Court of Appeals vacated a sentence entered without counsel for the defendant present.  Although…

State v. Lopez, 2018 UT 5 (Feb. 9, 2018).

The criminal defendant appealed his murder conviction, arguing the district court erred by admitting the State’s expert testimony and in admitting evidence of prior acts.  The Supreme Court reversed, agreeing on both counts.  With respect to the expert testimony, the…

United States v. Lynch, 881 F.3d 812 (10th Cir. Feb. 5, 2018).

A jury found the defendant guilty of in-flight assault or intimidation of a flight attendant.  In an interesting analysis of the differences between general and specific intent statutes, the Tenth Circuit rejected the defendant’s argument that Elonis v. United States, — U.S….