2016 Utah Genius Awards

Utah Genius recognized the 2016 intellectual property honorees at a luncheon Wednesday, April 27th at the Little America Hotel. The event was well-attended with 270 guests from around the state. Rand Bateman, Founder of Utah Genius, emceed the event,  remarking that Utah is a hotbed for technology and innovation and Utah County ranks fifth in the world for tech startup unicorns. A Unicorn is a start-up company valued at over $1 billion.

Utah Genius recognizes: Utah’s Top 20 Inventors, Utah’s Top 20 Companies by Number of Patents Issued, and Utah’s Top 10 Trademark Registrants.The awards are based on objective statistics from the US Patent and Trademark Office, not votes.

The list of honorees:

Top 20 Companies by Patents Issued

No. 1    The University of Utah
No. 2    US Synthetic Corporation
No. 3    MicroFocus
No. 4    Brigham Young University
No. 5    BD Medical
No. 6    Bard Access Systems, Inc.
No. 7    AUTOLIV ASP, Inc.
No. 8    L-3 Communications Corp.
No. 9    General Electric Company
No. 9    Adobe systems, Inc.
No. 9    ICON Health & Fitness, Inc.
No. 12    3form, LLC
No. 12    Storagecraft Technology Corporation
No. 12    Lifetime Products, Inc.
No. 12    Schlumberger Technology Corp.
No. 12    Adaptive Computer Enterprises, Inc.
No. 12    Harman International Industries, Inc.
No. 18    Ceramatec, Inc.
No. 18    Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc.
No. 20    Intelligent I.P. Holdings 2 LLC

Top 20 Patentees

No. 1    Stephen R. Carter
No. 2    David Flynn
No. 3    David Brian Jackson
No. 4    Stephen C. Jacobsen
No. 4    Reza Jalili
No. 6    David Hall
No. 6    Jacob J. Van der Westhuizen
No. 6    Lloyd Leon Burch
No. 6    Fraser M. Smith
No. 10    Mitch Johnson
No. 10    Craig H. Cooley
No. 10    Nathan S. Bushman
No. 10    Timothy N. Sexton
No. 14    Kenneth E. Bertagnolli
No. 14    Daniel J. Triplett
No. 16    Wade T. Fallin
No. 16    George Powell
No. 16    Andrew R. Fauth
No. 19    Frank Clegg
No. 19    Wendell Peery
No. 19    John Strasser
No. 19    Clark C. Davis
No. 19    S. Barrett Peterson

Top 10 Trademark Registrants
No. 1    Nutraceutical
No. 2    Skullycandy, Inc.
No. 3    Franklin Covey Co.
No. 3    Young Living Essential Oils
No. 5    Vivint, Ins.
No. 6    doTERRA Holdings, LLC
No. 6    University of Utah BP&C
No. 8    3form, LLC
No. 9    4life Trademark, LLC