Global Networks:

The Harmonie Group
The Harmonie Group

The Harmonie Group is an international network of defense firms with contacts throughout North America and Europe. For more info visit The Harmonie Group, or contact SCM Attorney Andrew M. Morse

Law Firm Alliance
Law Firm Alliance

Law Firm Alliance provides access to over 3,000 member firm lawyers' worldwide. For more info visit Law Firm Alliance, or contact SCM Attorney Camille N. Johnson


Snow Trial Services

Providing mock trials, juror focus groups, trial case evaluations and other trial consultation services.


Diversity Initiative

Today’s world of business is a diverse place. Today’s successful law firms will reflect that diversity.

Objectively speaking, SCM is not the most diverse law firm in the United States. After all, Utah’s population is 90 percent white and of European heritage. This can make it very difficult to recruit and retain diverse lawyers and staff.  But we are working hard to succeed despite these difficult circumstances.

Our firm partnership, for example, includes a man who was Utah’s first Latino Judge. The first African-American lawyer to “make partner” in Utah was at SCM. Additionally, SCM has a significantly high number of female partners.

SCM fosters an environment of mutual respect and understanding among diverse populations – within and outside of the Firm. This makes SCM a great place for all of its employees -- and a great resource for all of its clients.

SCM encourages and rewards exceptional performance and hard work. We reject favoritism or prejudice based on family relationships, gender and ethnic or socioeconomic background. In our efforts to be more reflective of the community in which we live and work, we actively encourage the application of lawyers with diverse backgrounds.