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The Harmonie Group
The Harmonie Group

The Harmonie Group is an international network of defense firms with contacts throughout North America and Europe. For more info visit The Harmonie Group, or contact SCM Attorney Andrew M. Morse

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Law Firm Alliance

Law Firm Alliance provides access to over 3,000 member firm lawyers' worldwide. For more info visit Law Firm Alliance, or contact SCM Attorney Camille N. Johnson


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Providing mock trials, juror focus groups, trial case evaluations and other trial consultation services.

Virtual Currency Update

Contact: Daniel D. Hill

The SEC just recently published a statement on “online trading platforms.”  Included within the definition of that phrase are cryptocurrency exchanges.  As a result, any investor who trades in digital assets, such as Bitcoin or similar virtual currency, should only do so through a regulated exchange or through a registered broker-dealer.

Many online trading platforms for digital assets refer to themselves as an “exchange.”  According to the SEC, however, that is misleading and arguably a material misrepresentation.  To be a lawful “exchange,” the platform must be registered as a national securities exchange, or operate under an identified registration exemption.  Any such lawful exchange will be registered with the SEC.

If you engage in or are interested in trading in digital assets, particular caution and attention should be paid to how and where any such trading takes place.

When you need a securities services law firm in Utah.

Our securities law attorneys are ready to help.  For more information about the services SCM provides in this area, contact Daniel D. Hill.

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